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Episode 15 - Planning Impact Together: Katja Mayer on Participatory Evaluation

December 15, 2023 fteval Season 1 Episode 15
REvaluation Podcast
Episode 15 - Planning Impact Together: Katja Mayer on Participatory Evaluation
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Katja Mayer gives fascinating insights into participatory methods for evaluation, with a particular focus on evaluating science projects that themselves have participatory elements. We learn that it is a challenge for scientists to suddenly be moderators of a complex debate and mediators of group dynamics. But we also learn how this can be tackled and how a participatory process can be democratising rather than exploiting. Also, participation does not mean to include everybody, but to get representation right for the purpose of the project at stake.

With a fundamental understanding that evaluation has to be part of every research project and not something that is done by auditors afterwards, Katja invites planning, designing and creating impact together from scratch. This is how it is a co-evaluative journey throughout the research process and citizens will not feel evaluated themselves, but get a tool at hand to be masters of their own impact.

Our focus episodes on participatory methods are drawing from the experience we made in the special issue #54 of the fteval Journal. The next episode 16 presents an interview with Emilio Velis with an approach to open innovation.


This episode was made possible with the kind support of the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology. Thank you! 

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Intro & Welcome
Who is Katja Mayer?
Why participation?
Why is there a gap in literature for participatory evaluation for participatory science?
Are citizens keen on doing evaluation tasks?
The trick is to plan and create impact together.
What differences are there when participatory methods are applied in science or in evaluation?
Antonella Passani on co-creating impact dimensions
When is participation demokratising and when is it exploitation?
Teaser for Episode 16 with Emilio Velis
What skills do we need to get participation right?
The need for an "arena" for stakeholders of participatory processes to exchange and cultivate learning